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Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Changes in health care laws have made the Medical Billing profession more and more important. Medical Billing specialists handle a medical practice's billing and accounts receivable, including submitting insurance claims and patient billing statements to ensure payment in the shortest time possible.

With MyComputerCareer-TechSkills Medical Billing training program, you'll learn to handle, document, store and retrieve a patient's medical data, insurance billing procedures, and how to follow proper medical office etiquette

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Take as many MyComputerCareer-TechSkills health care training courses as you wish for up to 10 months, with the opportunity to earn an extension to 12 months, for one low price! With flexibility and extended access to MyComputerCareer-TechSkills' resources, the MyComputerCareer-TechSkills Medical Series enables you to take multiple health care training classes and earn valuable industry certifications, at an exceptional value.

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