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Information Technology

MCIPT: Database Developer and Design

The MCITP: Database Developer and Designer program provides students with the concepts and practical experiences needed to create, maintain, and troubleshoot SQL database solutions using Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

The program is made up of four courses; two courses focus on database administration and two courses focus on database programming and development. Students can begin with either track.

Database administration training begins with an emphasis on commonly used tools and utilities required to create and support a SQL Server 2008 database installation. Students determine which product versions and services are required to meet specific business needs, create basic database objects, learn how to backup and recover from database failures, and develop monitoring strategies. The advanced course provides students with the opportunity to take advantage of new features supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2008, to automate routine administrative tasks, and to enable and enforce security strategies designed to protect both stored data and the SQL servers.

Database development training begins with an introduction to database design principals and the methods for creating database objects including databases, tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, and triggers. The advanced course expands on the subjects covered in the introductory course and then provides students with the ability to create endpoints, enable full-text searching, optimize query performance and troubleshoot poorly performing applications.

Upon completion of each course, graduates are qualified to take a computerized certification exam with Microsoft. Upon passing the appropriate certification exam, our graduates will earn the Microsoft MCTS and the MCITP Database Administrator certification and the Microsoft MCTS and the MCITP Database Developer certification.

MyComputerCareer-TechSkills has a flexible learning model which allows students to attend 12 to 24 hours per week and progress on an individual basis.

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