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At MyComputerCareer-TechSkills, you're not a student, you're a person.

MyComputerCareer-TechSkills knows that people have families, jobs, lives. MyComputerCareer-TechSkills tailors your education to you. You're in control of what you learn, when you learn, even how you learn. Whether you're a career changer or just out of high school, you'll love MyComputerCareer-TechSkills flexibility.

  • Choose the class time that's best for you: morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend classes are available.
  • Start learning as soon as you're ready. You won't have to wait for the next semester or class to fill, because new sessions start all the time.
  • You'll have a personal instructor to give you advice, watch your progress, and offer help with difficult subjects.
  • You'll learn quickly with MyComputerCareer-TechSkills hands-on training and programs designed for your level of education. If you already know some of the material, MyComputerCareer-TechSkills lets you move forward in the class.

Best of all, you will learn real-world skills in Information Technology, Business, or Health Care that prepare you to move forward with your life and career. These are the skills employers want and you need.

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